Terms and Conditions

  1. Hire of the respective specific product is made in accordance with these terms and conditions as a supplement to the BMI Solutions general terms and conditions.

  2. Confirmation of an order is decisive for the contract content and conclusion of a contract. Offers are subject to change.

  3. The hire period shall begin the day following dispatch from bmisoutions. The hire charge is determined in the order confirmation. The requested hire period shall be charged on a monthly basis. A month shall be defined as 30 calendar days from the beginning of the hire period. The hire period shall be a minimum of one month.

  4. The hire charge for the hire period provided by BMI Solutions must be paid in advance or within the 30 day credit terms. Any further hire charges due in the case of extension must be paid net plus VAT within 10 days of invoicing unless otherwise instructed at time of extension.

  5. BMI Solutions reserves the right to terminate this hire agreement at any time and demand that the leased equipment be returned by the customer before expiry of the originally specified hire period with immediate effect.

  6. Shipment of the equipment to the customer shall be provided by BMI Solutions. This delivery transport costs shall be carried by BMI Solutions. As an alternative the option also exists of the customer collecting the equipment.

  7. Returns of the equipment at end of hire period are untaken by the customer at their cost. The equipment shall be returned in full original packaging with all manuals, software, power packs and cables no later than 2 days following the end of hire. Incomplete and late returns and are charged at a daily rate until all leased equipment is returned. Daily rate is calculated by dividing the monthly charge by 30.

  8. The customer shall receive the equipment in complete in accordance with the contents list in correct, fault-free condition. In the event of loss or damages to the equipment (excluding regular wear and tear), the customer must compensate BMI Solutions for replacement or must carry the full cost of repairs.

  9. The customer shall be obliged to check the product immediately on receipt. Any complaints, defective functions, faults or damages to the equipment must be reported to BMI Solutions by telephone or fax with written description of the fault within 2 days of receipt. Complaints received after this cannot be recognized.

  10. The customer is not authorized to make any changes or adjustments to the hired article. The customer is not permitted to carry out repairs or to have repairs carried out on the hired article.

  11. BMI Solutions must be notified immediately in the event of loss of or damages to the equipment. Where defects, faults or damages to the leased article are not attributable to the customer the hire contract shall be suspended during the downtime whilst the equipment is repaired or replaced. If the defects, faults or damages are attributable to the customer the customer will be required to carry the full cost to repair or replace.

  12. Use of the equipment by the customer may only be used in accordance with the operating instructions of the manufacturer and as intended by BMI Solutions. The customer shall be obliged to maintain the equipment in a good condition. All instructions of the manufacturer and BMI Solutions must be complied with exactly as they appear. A list of equipments specifications will be provided for this reason. The customer shall be fully liable for all damages that can be attributed to non-compliance with the operating instructions, general instructions and the process instructions. In cases of the customer exceeding the daily thru put of the equipment the customer will be charged at a daily rate for which it should have taken to achieve those scans within the manufactures daily thru put. BMI Solutions shall be entitled to have the leased article checked at any time at the site of operation.

  13. BMI Solutions shall grant the customer a non-transferable right of use for the hired article, which shall be valid for the leased period. BMI Solutions and the customer agree that all rights to the leased article including any copies of software (except with the expressed consent of BMI Solutions) shall remain with BMI Solutions. The customer must ensure that all operating instructions, software and associated documentation is not accessible for third parties. Copies of software may not be produced. All licensing conditions must be complied with. The customer shall carry full liability in the event of non-compliance.

  14. The hired article shall remain the property of BMI Solutions. The customer may not give or loan it to any other party. BMI Solutions shall hold the customer liable for all damages and disadvantages that arise for the BMI Solutions through violation of this provision.

  15. Consumable materials shall be purchased by the customer. The amount invoiced for this shall be due immediately.

  16. With seizure of the equipment, the customer must send the seizure protocol immediately to BMI Solutions. The same shall apply if rights to the leased article are asserted by third parties. The leased article is the property of BMI Solutions

  17. Place of performance and court of jurisdiction are determined in accordance with the BMI Solutions business terms and conditions.

  18. This hire contract signed by the both parties is in acceptance of these hire terms and conditions and both parties to adhere to follow these precisely.